May 9, 2014

KL with Ivy Liew

    Harlo!!!Finally I am having sometime to settle down. I finished my final examination already!!!In 3 weeks semester break now. Set a few target in this sem break, wish I can achieve every single of my target lar~~ Target like:
1. Read pride& Prejudice
2. Workout
3. Learn one recipe from my mom 
4.I forget what it is...maybe only 3 target??

Alright, back to topic of this post, I actually wanted to blog about this right after it happened. It actually happened back in 1st or 2nd week of February, after Chinese New Year, but I have been so busy I could only have time to update this post now.

Okay la~~~ =P I am not busy 24/7, just that when I have some free time, what I wish to do is just sleep, watching drama, and doing something that I don't need to think.

After leaving KL for sometime, I really miss KL, everything about what I experience in KL has so much to nostalgia. The LRT, the travelling around, the movie in the weekend, the cooking with housemate......
 SO, I decided to snap this pic, I actually about 10 photos in this place, and planning to wrote a poem or prose about KL. But I am losing the surge now. SO.....anyway, this place really the first thing that remind me of KL.

 And looking a Twins Tower, and any other KL famous skycraper really awake me.

I mean 
These skycraper symbolise success to me.
a sign of prosperous.

Looking through it
I can envision myself in the coming days I would be a successful working woman.
and having so much of pictures with many clear goal and plans
because I want to be SuCcess! 

LIke this! 
so determined, so confident, and so against all the odds!

Alright, back to my date with Ivy.
We first met at Leisure Mall. It wasn't so awkward like I expected initially. She can talk a lot, create the comfortable environment and render me to talk talk talk also. LOL.She is just so outgoing. Actually, we don't know what to do when meet up, so we just went shopping lar~~. End up , she accompanied me to shop. It's really a nice shopping indeed, with HER! 

Wen Xi and Fion, 
you two must shop or do something 
together with her too! 
She is so nice to mingle with!

Not going to talk about my shopping haul, as I already blog it before.Here is a simple glance of it, or click here to read more.

Our first station is Farenheit 88. Actually both of us talked before to have breakfast/brunch together. But I can't bear hunger, so I already eat a little before heading out.Brunching with her in Zanmai.

Guess I am too excited I took camera out once I seated down and snap whatever come into me, LOL

 help me to pick up clothe seriously. Thank you Ivy!!

It's excited to kick start your day with shopping in Bukit Bintang with your nice newly-met blogger friend. That's why my exited face here~~~hehe

After done with Mirrocle and Kitschen.

 Oh yea, we are both Goat!one of thw zodiacal animal.

My mood is pretty nice that day, which in turn make me look prettier than usual, hehehehe. I guess Ivy is alse excited gua~~ 

Next station: Tours Les Jours

 hehe, I think I look like superstar here.

 Actually I am quite reluctant to upload this, but Ivy is pretty here! Like 笑得像幸福的新娘~~呵呵 (as sweet as a bridegroom), the first thing that struck into my mind. What do you think?

Lastly, a tourist photo before heading to next station.

Next station: Pavilion

 Never know Pavilion can be so crowd when there is event.
 One of the rings here got her attention, but I won't show you which one,hahaha.
 We just window shopping in the Pavilion, and talk and talk and take pic!

 Gotcha! The best companion of the day-Ivy Liew! She was bluetoothing the photos to the man to be printed out.

Alright! Let's call it a day~~~ A happy Day! Happy Friday!

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