May 30, 2014

Food hunt: Zakka Loft, Ipoh

 DO you like the backdrop as I do? I because I do!

SInce yesterday is a Public Holiday, so we went to Ipoh, with the main purpose to buy a pair of spectacle as Evon's is broken. and I have a secret project to carry out also!

 Of course, usfie shouldn't be missed!

Wandering where we should have our brunch, we decided to choose a nearer place as I cannot wait anymore. KY already forewarn us the food there doesn't worth it's price. Still, we(Evon and me) decided to have a try at Zakka Loft attracting by its outlook.

Their setting is a bit of artistic, a bit like a fairy tales. It's so comfortable to have a tea session with your girls! Just the environment.

 Ukulele.For display and for sale
 Rarely see a ukulele with a fishy hole. (Later on, we hang around in Ipoh parade, and there is much more selection of ukulele which is cuter!)

Zakka Loft is the opposite row with the famous Michelangelo only.Find yourself here if you want to know more about Zakka Loft

  • No. 2, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1C, Medan Ipoh Bistari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak,
 11:00am - 9:00pm
I think Zakka Loft is not known of it's Bento, that I will talk about it later. But rather it's various type of aroma tea and cake.Their cake look quite appealing to me, would like to go there to try again next time!
Next, Zakka Loft also the place for various art&craft workshop. See the pics below, then you will know.

 And because of this, their decor is not very practical for eating, esp like eating heavy lunch. Like the table that we chose .....I am quite afraid to have any food split outside, cause I afraid the overall aesthetic view will be ruined.

And if you observe longer, you will find out that some of the table sets is suitable of art and craft function rather than for dining.

 Something funny that I spot, I quite like this idea =)

The food that we order???
Frankly, there is not much choice if you ask for fullness, the only food suitable is Bento.

 Steamed meatloaft with Salted Egg & Dried cuttle fish Bento Rm10.90

The one that ordered that Evon. Normal, standard, everything is normal and standard. Perhaps you can get it outside at Rm5? anywhere I am not complaining it, I do appreciate the nice environment. It's just Zakka Loft is not a place of heavy lunch (but of cafe, high tea, some sweet tooth) that lor~~

Homemade Wine CHicken Bento Rm13.90

My order, the salad is a bit sour spicy, so appetizing. The fruit on the top left is well seasoning! LIke! the fruit!Otherwise, it is just standard. And one thing I realised eating in this bento/compartment way, is really quite inconvenient, you have smaller space to cut the meat, and move of cutlery.

A cup of honey lemon? Lemon tea? for Rm 4

Would I come to Zakka Loft again?
For the cake, YES.

And there is no wifi there either, so I can't bring my laptop there to spare my time there despite I quite like their cozy envinronment.