June 14, 2013

Starting in Utar

 First time get lecture in such a big group

Joined a new village community service organised by DSSC(Department of Soft Skill Competency)

 If you are Chinese literate, the theme of this programme for this time is something that I like! Its School Recycle camp!

 The Opening ceremony, I guess everyone was enjoying watching the performance by these students, they already practice this for 2 weeks , really shouldn't cover their hard work and the effort, the creativity from teachers , they did so much to make this a success=).

(If you see carefully, there is a little angle girl with red pants, she is really A-DO_RA-Ble! only 5 years old, but can articulate clearly~~~why all the little kids so cute one~~~~??? wanted to take pic with her, but she refuse =(....she is the daughter of one the the teachers there)

One of my used-to-be favorite event, I still remember vividly how pity I cry, not pity la, everyone was crying, not in this programme but back to hundred years ago when I joined Buddhist camp last time.

I think these children are really so lucky, because they got to expose to this activity, cause I think my first time join this kind of turn-off light, candle-on (传灯)event was..my form 2 I think, that's why I cried so hard, cause I was just a fresh a participants mah~~~

however, the candle activity only last like 30 mins only, last time when I had this, its about 1.5 hours or more, cause they had to end it up early due to time-rushing.....

One of my greatest benefits of joining this activity...I get to know many new friends from Utar.Though don't really keep in touch, but memories but kept!

Lets flash back the memories.....

 I know I look like zoombie here, but I want to show off this girl, my “堂妹”, not the biological one, but due to the only merely difference in our name.My name is 郭素宏,and hers is 郭素晴,and we are both Hokkien people, what a damn coincidence,right?!

 with little girl who get me during the ice-breaking, I mean myportrait drawing by my friend =)

with my drawing, not I drew one, but the drawing is showing me.....(why it's so hard to explain~~~)

 and with the painter, 月美小姐=)

 those who is related to this potrait!

I knew you cannot see the drawing clearly, this is the best after adjusting the  exposure, deepen, and so on.So I have a very looong head~~want to add fat!!!!

 mung bean soup as a dessert from QQ.

and here, new design of ticket for KLIA transit, perviously one was a piece of ticket size paper in black and white, now they turned it into card sized, indeed refreshing =)

know why?
coz they add on a new station already, notice the KLIA 2??