April 22, 2013

Sungai Lembing Tin Mines Tunnel

If you read my post previously, you know I been to  a really hidden paradise Sungai Lembing lately. There are so many places that I have visited. But I would like to blog about Tin Mines here.

I would highly recommend you to Tin Mines if you travel to Sungai Lembing, cause it is totally a something new to me, and I think you all should visit once in a life time!

Because I love this place, okay, I don't love it the most, I love the eating part in Sungai Lembing, but as I mention , since its a new wonder to me, I took pics of this place the most.

This is the entrance, great enhancing needed, the entrance and the video shown mostly in Malay, luckily the information board display in both English and Malay.

Quite expensive if no 50% discount lo, anyway, everyone should visit it at least once in a lifetime.Still, no english display~~~

Yours truly~~~see! Sungai Lembing Underground, should be Sungai Lembing Tunnel and Underground

Yea, the tour guide said that as you go deeper under the ground, you will feel hotter, so basically, the labours last time only put on a pair of short pants, and going on with upper part naked.

This is the train that we took to go inside the tunnel, squeal with excitement when i got to know this, it take 20 people at one shot, hence a total 3 rounds to get all of us inside.

If you notice the picture of Entrance, it is TAI BEI TONG , and now it become TABETO. =.+", totally distort the original meaning already.tsk tsk

FYI, the total length of the Tin Mines Tunnel is 320km, like From Bukit Mertajam , Penang to KL.However, one 1km is open to public.So la, I probably will not going there again unless there is more open to public.

Another forbidden tunnel, actually there are quite a lot forbbiden tunnel along the main tunnel that open to public, guess it would be more if more road is open to public. How I wish more will open~~~

Kiew= lift, in their jargon

Some interesting facts that I snapped because had not enough time to read

Safety rules as always~~

Every single day, a geologist took samples from the mines to evaluate ore content....

Why Biji  Timah??

There was this really small cute ancient thingy that sent the ore outside, ......And guess what, it really works! Those kids kept playing on it as you can imagine, fun to see how they play,hahaha

Lastly, the stone from different level of underground, could you guess which one is from the deepest level?? Comment here if you know.

Travelling into this tunnel like bring me back into 70,80 decades time, but must not going there ALONE, cause inside is very isolated just like walk alone behind a street in the night. So yea, that all from me.

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