October 9, 2012

Li Ying's 21st birthday bush- day 2

 Yes, We went to Melaka for her birthday celebration couple makan trip, its a really nice and enjoying trip,hahaha, odd thing is I ate a lot during the 4 days in Melaka, but I still remain the same weight, even aunty also said u ate more than those boys, u really 吃不肥阿!I want to gain weight also!!

a pic me birthday girl, she was really pretty that day after make up, credit to me for helping her to make up,hahaha,and her mum also la, her mum applied eye shadows and lipstick for her.

 us with the birthday girl,


4 leng zai plus 2 pretties?

From left: Calvin(all the way from KL), Kok Jing(all the way from PENANG!!), Li ying and her boyfriend Dandy Lau, Wei Sheng and me!

 This is not the focus of the night la, but its really tasty, its call Hazelnut and Sesame, accroding to Miss Goh.On top of that, the food of the party are really nice,  Li Ying specially made a steam layer cake, its really delicious, me and wei sheng just kept took it from the fridge whenever we craved.

 Me with Kok Jing(notice that my collar is asymmetrical, its becoz the fan effect), he help a lot before and after the party, the table arrangements la, chair la, sweeping la, anything as long as anything it would help.But her bf did more also, he did like everything, I guess he and Li ying, and Kok Jing were the most tired after that, but in turn, they weren't, really so 年轻人阿!

Ohgosh, THUNDER and lighting right now.....

 After eating, Li ying was very buys to serve the guest, so this was what they did, Me busy wandering around, and follow WS.

Its was Saturday night, we watch an ntv7 weekend darma,only available on saturday, its fighting spider. A malaysian movie but with a singapore actor and showcase in English.
 After party pic, good guys doing the washing dishes job.

Overall, what I saw is all her family member were very nice , her bro is quite handsome, esp when he smile,  all her friend, I mean UTP friends were very nice, plus with WS beside me, make me feel at ease somemore, Thx Li ying for invited me, and thx for ur hospitality and thx ur mother for her mooncake and
 you are now officially 21st!!

lastly, this was the romantic present from her bf, Dandy Lau, its a LED sth sth, as u all saw in the pix la,the DLand  LY can actually lighting too, just that the moment the photo was taken, it wasn't.OMg, so sweet~~