October 9, 2012

Carian gadis KonfidenKotex Fresh

this post is simple and easy, the title says it all, I had join in the contest, and here I need ur vote to help me.

The top 30 ranking girls will get invited to "boot camp" in Club Med, cherating which is near my hometown, omg, so  excited, though I just live a stone ttrow away distance from Club Med, I didn't get the chance to there, because I can stay in myhome mar~~

Club med Cherating is fun, it has various kind of outdoor activities like archery, and game name that I dun know and so on,

The second reason, to meet and to make friends with people, they were some people who I interest (famous blogger) join here, she rank in top 30, and another still in pick up, so I would really appreciate if you all help me to boost up my vote^^

Third reason, I am a regular Kotex user, not only that my mom, all my sisters use that, because of my mom influence.So now I use both pantyliner and sanitary pad. And the fragrance smell of pantyliner make me feel so good, u can always try its pantyliner.

to vote me
all u need to do is

like this page

click UNDI button

search for Maple Shuh Hong 
or simply
go to Masterskill there.

and if u want to join Kotex confidence girl search, this contest end 30 October, so u still have 21 days from now, and the boot camp will be organise from 23-25 November.

and remember must pose V in ur photo o!

I think this is one of my faux pas of the year, I made a grammar mistake that I shouldn't. Instead, of saying "I love become myself" I should say "I love becoming myself" or " I love to be myself" but I think the first is more to express my msg...faux pas...faux pas......but still keep voting me plz~~thx!