August 28, 2012

Its our 21st birthday!!!

I am the type who like to planing and thinking about what to do the next and thinking about future most of the time. actually, I am quite sleepy now, but I can't sleep, my room is too bright where my window face the sunset!! . At first, I am not going to plan anything to celebrate my birthday, it is not  a big deal though its my 21st birthday celebration, but somehow, one day, I suddenly got an insight, birthday shouldn't focus on the birthday boy/girl, in fact, it is the chance where you should take this opportunity to appreciate your parents, doesn't it?? Because of this, I really wish to celebrate my birthday with my family, not with him, not with friends. But, my family plan to go genting again this time, I am sort out totally bored, I mean I been there pretty tiiimes, and everytime went there with family, if it is hanging out with friends and people other than family, then it would be another stories,hahaha.
I knew I have been crapping a lot, but I still havent jump to the main point, I already promise to my best friend, Ehaun that I will be with her during her birthday celebration, but I got a call from Chi Qing camp, saying that I am egligible to join the camp, so I decided to go for it. I really feel sad if I couldn't join the camp, coz I have been inactive for any buddhist activities since I came to study in KL.
So, I decided to plan a pre-birthday celebration for win-win solution. With this solution , then I didn't loose my promise to celebrate her birthday with her and in the meanwhile, I can join the camp too. OH, I forget to mention that her birthday celebration and my camp would crash.The camp is from 31st august til 2nd of sept ,whereas her birthday is on 3rd of sept.

The win-win solution was throw a pre-birthday celebration cum 91Gengz gathering, its been quite sometime I didn't meet my friends, and yes, that night was pretty fun and I enjoy being part of 91 Gengz!!!like friends forever!!!

The birthday celebration was on last thursday which was 23rd August, its neither me nor her birthday. coz my birthday was on 31st August and hers on 3rd of Sept.

We decided to celebrate our birthday earlier because we were going back to KL on 26thAugust, sob sob.......

 hahaha, this was my second time to throw birthday party  since standard 2, I don't know why I don't feel the need to throw birthday party after standard 2, when they sing birthday song to me, I really....not stunded, expected, but suddenly only realise its my birthday,hehehe, call me freaking baby.

 see, how big I smile, I was really...soo over the moon that time

 She is another birthday girl, as I mention earlier, she is Ehaun, and she is my best friend too!

 The boyz kept kacau me...
 Guess that you won't see exoression of me like this once in a lifetime, really thanks all my friends who celebrated with me that night, and for those who didn't attend, thx to ur wishes too!

 She is also know as "nai ma" in our geng, and see! the boys kacau her again~~~

Its our 21st birthday!!!Since 1991
 with pretties!!

with those who kacau us ^^
 Guess were going to cut the cake???

 And this girl is Don! She is pretty, we all knew that =)
 not yet officially 21st, but going to be!!!

 with my best best friend, have not been see her for so looooooooooooong time

went to Teluk Manik after that, have fun playing bear with them, hahaha, was so happy that they coudn't find out I was the "murderer".

thx to all who come that night!!!=)