May 28, 2012


The word "salad" comes from the French salade of the same meaning(referencefrom here )
Start with cut the raw food into cube
 I started to eat organic meal since my operation, that mean since, june of 2011, but poorness that i can't enjoy the healthy meal when I am staying in my hostel, i have no time for that, I neeed to study. So,I always look forward the moment when i came back home.
lettuce, tomato, orange, apple, tats it@ simple and easy!
 Only i came back home, my mom who is the best mum in the world aka the sweetest chef in the world will prepare all these lovely salade for me, I mean I proposed the idea, and she will help me i kitchen, in a nutshell, we make them together^^
After that, I add some raisin, which i bought from organic shop

the flower, sesame, brown ice powder, and the hui xiang chao, and the almond, and chestnut

right now, it is to be seasoning!!

finally, yum yum!!^^

I really enjoy the making of salade, it is definitely H, and it is so tasty and fresh, keep it in the refrigerator , and serve it cool!!