February 6, 2012

CNY 2012

Sorry for did not updating quite a long time......
hehehe, many things happen recently.

below are some of my photos taken during Chinese New Year.
Noted that I also falling sick during CNY, a very terrible sick until the doctor doubt whether to let me admin into Hospital or not. 
one of the photo that satified me the most, narcasticly, i think i look great here,hehe

KOk sisters in white! romance white??!!!

hu erm....somehow, i look pale this CNY.....

is it a hint that i am going to fallen sick?

for your information, this photo was taken the lunar year first day,
and my sick come find me the third day of lunar year~~~sob sob

i will be look after my meal ever since~~~

KOK family!!!!1

lastly, its my grandmum birthday!!!and my cousin as well!