January 17, 2012
hi!!! Its been a long time i didn't updated my blog. Honestly, i am actually at the rushing now. I am waiting for my friend to have a lunch together. I think i never mention it before, i am studying at Masterskill, pursueing Foundation in healthscience and continue with degree  in Pharmarcy now.

Sorry for ont pic attach here, at school library now , perhaps i will buy a new broadband service after this. Lets talk about my life currently.I am satisfied with my life now, i am so happy that i can study and become a student again! My housemates, they are very nice and friendly, knowing me who always keep a healthy diet like less eggs, less chicken, less animal food, they always count this factor in when cooked, or sometime, we will separate our meals.

somemore, this is important! They are talented in cook, not talent but can cook well. I always think they are very smart, and they keep saying......this is only normal stuff, do you need to praise me ? At least you are good for me,hahahha.

I still trying to adapt to my new life, new routine here. One thing i found here is everywhere you go, you will definitely need MONEY. For example, even you are not buying anything, you will need to take out ur purse and pay for the transport fare tooo!

Thats why i bought i Rapid smart card which i can ride on LRT, monorel, bus and even toll!!
I just knew that Cheras is belong to KL area too, but one thing about studying here , i mean masterskill is that the transport here is very inconvenient, you need to get a taxi (from my hostel, which is Seri Ayu, just in front of the masterskill main campus) to LYL or Taman Segar Perdana , then you can take Rapid KL bus from there to KL. Usually, it will cost you Rm 1.70 to Bandar Tasik Selantan. And Rm 2.50 to Bukit Bintang. The reason that i emntion Bandar Tasik Selantan is because most of the student will going KLIA