September 15, 2011

Nice , lovely food!

Well, i been work at aschool before i go to pursue my degree. I like this school, before that i need to mention about is the food in this canteen.

First, the surrounding of canteen is welcomed, like it one.
Second, the Aunties who cook there are all nice!It is what make me feel like i enjoy working here at the first day^^

Third, picture tells
the food serve here is variety, and can you imagine that ? you can eat the tasty curry mee above with only Rm 2.80 per day, make it clearer, Rm2.80 for 2 meals or 1, it depend on whether the school have activities in the afternoon.Can you believe that?
This is the nasi lemak that i ate today, oh sorry, its not mine, cause got squid inside, mine is withoud squid.Squid, go away from me~~~

Talking about nasi lemak, i remember the MOVIe nasi lemak, the Movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 is nice, you should go for it!