September 10, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Went to watch the movie 'Nasi LemaK 2.0' with my aunty and cousin and us sibling yesterday.I had awaiting these day for quite a time.

The movie consider.....for me, i think overall is moderate la. So sad i miss the earlier part,i missed the appearance of Felixia Yeap too, i know her through Nasi Lemak, when the news in our country shooted the Gala Premier of Nasi Lemak in a shopping mall, i forgot the name of the shopping mall. She just emerge about 1-2 seconds like that, but she captivated me, she is so so so gorgeous, stylish and lithely. Since then , i try to google her but, i known her name through a blog which the blogger did attend the Gala Premier that night. I was sooo envy to the blogger as she can enjoy the priviledge esp can attend the private event in the Launfry bar, and she is able to snap with some celebrity there~~~~~ i wish i could me like her too!!!I adore leng lui, how i wish i could take photo with big big gorgeous leng lui too, and of course celebrity like Namewee, though he had been once create a controversial issue in Malaysia, but i salute him for him is a opinionated guy, i mean he is dare to voice out his not satisfied.I just went youtube to watch some of the Nasi lemak video, to me, Namawee, aka Huang Ming Zhi is kindda like Jay Chou and Jack Neo梁智强from Singapore, you will know by the time you watch this movie.

cast: 5/5 many leng lui, and have Kak Adibah and Nadine Ann Thomas and ....Nadine's father in the like like

story line: 2/5 (the message to tell One Malaysia is obvious,but then like you one Malays house, then you know to cook nasi lemak ady ==", sommore in the movie, Namewee and Keren Kong visit the Malays' house and just have a dinner with them but not learning cook!)

laughing point: 2.5/5 (there are so many scenes that make audiences laugh, but some scence is not funny at all)
1. the Namawee say the indians they always hide behind the tree or grass, when the Namawee and Karen leave the indians' house, the indians they hide again==", omg, so cool

2. Certain point are really amusing, there got once or twice the whole audiences in cinema LOL

3. Based on all of this, the amusing point create is half half,half are welcomed, and another half is piss off.

Hahaha, i became the commentator of this movie! Well , i rarely comment about movie i have ssen, but this time~~perhaps i was too looking forward to it!hahaha