September 19, 2011

19September 2011

今天,是我进班教书,教到最得意的一天。因为今天放学前的最后两节都是经二年级班, 上音乐节和英文节,二年级学生人数不多, 只有14位,可是也不会比一班30位学生的班容易管。我进班后, 问学生, 你们想要上音乐节还是英文??12位要音乐, so...,follow the majority~~~

Maybe they prefer something different from things like study, they were so different today, they were so enjoy the moment singing together. Compare to other times, they never behave such nice.Hahaha, event the most stubborn, reluctant student was willing to follow my instruction too. I am so happy they were willing to cooperate, this make me can spend more time to focus on their lesson. Though throughout the lesson which is one hour, i only managed to teach them to sing "Rasa Sayang" and the word congratulation, left, right. But i think they all learnt.I say we usually say "CONGratulation" when something good happen like you got a very good result in your test, or there are sb get married or someone is give birth like that. Then, i continue to tell that often, we shake hand when we say congratulations.

Now, shake hand with your friend beside you.#shake#
Now, who want to shake hand with me? #4-5 students coming forward and shake hand with me#