July 12, 2011

my lunch - pumpkin ramen

this is my lunch for today. i am very full right now. feel like want to sleep. i think no because of the mee, because i drank a cup of Milo when i was preparing the noodle, with so much a white sugar, it taste sooo sweet.

Frankly speaking, i should not consume milo and white sugar, but i am too hungry that time, i just find anything i could drink or eat to relieve my hunger first.Milo and white sugar are both processed food, which mean a lot of chemical,unhealthy subtance is added into it. Futhermore, i believed that a lot of vitamins or minerals are lost during the processing.

This is the pumpkin ramen that i make,hahahaha

nice looking??

but it is tasteless~~~=.=

next time,will add more spread and olive oil,KOK shuh hong, Gan Ba Te!

i think no need to mention the procedure here, just cook it like instance mee,hahaha.

Notice that you must soak the mushroom, i do not know what is the name of this mushroom,hehe.