September 8, 2009


Well,finally examination finally come to an end.And now,it is my time to post sth to my blog le.I felt quite 不习惯 that wen xi didn't update her blog recently.I know why,because she is just move to shanghai,many things needed to set up.OK,lets ignore about her first,hehe.

many things had happen from the interval from my last post til now.i think i change ady.not the physical change la,but the inner change.inner grow.i doesn't know why either,just suddenly felt myself is growing le,大个女了(speak in cantonese.)may be because the camp that i took part had stimulate some part of me and i grow ady.
i am become more talkative now,hehe.

and so the way i am thinking.


translate in english:
(英文厉害请帮我check看我的英文有没有错误,grammer mistake/s,enhance之类的)
i will thinking from another angle when thinking of something,and then i had change from the accustom way i am thinking,i could face the problem more rasional either.And i am more valiant to expressing myself.(a past time me just lack of the bravery to show off/express myself).In a nutshell,i had grown up ady, moreover i am a legal adult according to the law of Malaysia,i am really 18now,plus 8days.

what happened on me around these day
1. 31/8my birthday.
thx to all my friend who sent to your hearest birthday wishes,i really appreaciate it.(i just din't feel touch only,hehe.because i had forecast this event would happen).and many of my friend ask me how did i celebrate my birthday.

i didn't celebrate my birthday,i just keep staying in my home and study ,prepare for the examination. Frankly, i think even a tiny exam in Form 6 would be more important than the grand real SPM,coz it is really tough.Talking about examination,i think i didn't prepare these time and i think this is the worst time i sat for examination,didn't have the confidence either.
for instance,today's chemistry is the toughest paper i had ever sit for,i bet it,because once i browse throught all the question....Gosh.....what i had been study didn't came out,and how come the ionisation energy hint out the Group (periodic table) of the element,Susan say so either,she account that she had study the 3 different reference book:oxford fajar,arah pendidikan and longman,neither of them had explain that the ionisation energy could indicate the group of the element,and i never come across the question,although i didn't pay attention when teacher is teaching.

other than that,i felt like i like bum around recently.and it is are some pix of them.

at lin wei's house study ,burning the midnight oil.i think it was rather chat until late at night")
after tuition,i take sth to Sze yi and then we go to Lin wei's house because zu ning and Sze yi were going back to KL the second day.
it is very shuang(fun),because the outing is plan at the eleventh hours,which suggest by our Mr tan.
the kitchen of Lin wei's house.Yea, i remember ady,sit for Bio on the second was 6Sept,Saturday2009.

showing off our bang ya de teeth.
using my nokia phone.
by zu ning's sony errison,he didn't wanna post like me at first.

3.the first time i.....(a veil secret)

that's all,but i felt that many things had happened,....wHatEvEr~~
10.27pm 8/9/09 ***