August 7, 2009

swimming- friday

going swimming with most of them were upper six,because yi kang's cousin,yi ling ,i think they are quite familiar with each other . yayaya,no need doubt.
first time enter secret recipe,so excited.but the seat we choosen was rather you seen,it located beside the glass only.
red couple
tooking photo with them
i ask a new york cheese cake and a bottle of was sparkling juice.(my hair a mess),it costed me Rm16.20.neither expensive or cheap,just suit for the famous brand lo.
actually, the cake was not very fresh,they imported the cake once a week.and then when i eat the cake.the cookies and the cheese were mix/compound very stale.haiz,it spoil my high class image to secret recipe ady.won't keen to go here ady.i target Starbuck 's cake,but not for coffee.
do you find the surface of the cake is quite cheese that is keep for long time?
chris order the keropok,but he didn't even touch them.He ask me wheather it was fish or prawn made.actually,i also can't diffenretiate,i think it was fish made .it was only 4pm (or earlier) when we reach was too early for swimming.So,we decided to do other things first.
me and pei yee(我样子有点乔)
discussing what to ride.cycle or....
pei yee with the "flower"from 10(yu ling)

actually,this was first time i swam for such a long time.i guess more than 2 hours.this shot was taken around 7pm.(from left:yi kang,pei yee,yu ling,chris)

(from left:yi kang,pei yee,yuling,chris and xiao jun=xj)

after that ,went Kfc for dinner.actually,there were 8people at first.and then after finishing eating,the yikang's biao ge,ie cousin,fetch him back to paka and staright forward home.pei yee thought they will be back and halt at KFC to meet us.we were sitting there and chat lo.there were me,chris,pei yee and xj there.we chat until 10.05pm.pei yee and xj are quite friendly,we talk for onehour non-stop,or rather stop 30second only.hahaha,quite enjoy,because there was no much people around there.

don't-know who mention that the kijal' branch kfc is the most delicious meal,because most of them will go there after swimming.i agree ,because i had ate a snack plate,must a few slice cheezy ~~(i forgot the name),there all for today.bye bye.have a sweet dream every one^^