August 29, 2009


1 st day. when shi fu was giving 讲座会.永良那时已经开始不舒服了,但是我比他严重.
信任道路上: 你愿意相信我吗? 我会保护你的



你能把乒乓球吹过这四张桌子吗?the highest record is 3 ball within 10 minutes.
this is the second photo i love,it give me a feeling of mature.
After the high high yinghuo hui.well,the ying huo hui without fire ,hehe.coz the field behind was humid due to raining.
me and li wei
us and 宗现师父.

the shirt: facilitator's, last year de, paticipants de.
the boys: 志发 和 义康 ,the guitar boy was 孝祥,he always playing with his guitar when free.
i lovw this photo,they look like 拍广告,in fact this is a candid photo i had taken.
xiao wen and li wei were burning the midnight oil,they are going to have spm trial after this. Almost 70% of student and facilitator are going to sit for examination after this.include me.and this is the reasons some interest participants didn't take part,include my sis.Anyway,i sure that most of us didn't regret took part in the camp,because it was fun.This photo was taken on the second night of the camp,they are not studying actually,they are prepare for tomorrow stuff like writing drama and write letter.In fact,many participants and facilitator sleep late on the night(the last night of the camp),every one busy chatting and writing and.....Some facilitator even chat until 5am,(wah,so early),i slept at 2am that night,because i am very tired ar.

the last-time- lunch,luckily no using bare hand.We did eat dinner using bare hand on the dinner second night.My kind member teach me the way to holding rice and meal using the bare hand.Just then i know,eating using bare hand also got technique one.
my member: ah ying,洁微,嘉玉
from left: 汉德,宗乐,古老师(my partner)
from left: xiao wen, wei ying,shu xian,and ah ying
dun see me,see the two girl on top of me.
me and 汉德.

overall,i like activities organise by the 3 师父.因为他们带的活动都很有意义.讲座又很风趣,我还是第一次听过生活营还有"成果验收",这个活动.and do you guys know why the booklet didn't have the timetable?because we don't wan our participants to always looking at time and awaiting for the next activities.We want participants to pay fully attention on every activities that are going.活在当下.i quite enjoy in the camp,tq everybody who involve in the camp.

what does i love:
1. the letter
4. the food,luckily got no bitter ground.
5. 行堂(eat ing
7.wet station game
8.营火会(but the time too short ady= {
9.talent time
10.the interaction between members,interaction among everyone in the camp