April 4, 2009

earth hour in the camp

do u guys still remember the 328,8.30pm off light action?
our camp also menyahut seruan tersebut.first,all the pelatih berkumpul di dewan makan at 8pm,each ketua block and timbalan ketua block(which both of them sit at the two end side of table) was given a 5-7cm candle,needed to hold it for one hour.
so,here are some photos there.For ur information,tat day is Saturday,so we got out hp on2.30pm,i was using hp to take the shoot to feed my blog,hehe
pretty LY is try to make the candle burn slowly so that it can hold til9.30pm.

during the off line action,our sivil teacher was talking lots of falsafah
like the aim of this activity wif a long long elaboration, so lame.

but i support this activity coz its really an action of awakening ppl of the important of global warming.OK,theres all for my elaboration.