June 22, 2012

To me

I guess its worth, Rm 21.20 + Rm2 to free my mind, I no need in dilemma choosing which school. I am finally settled.Plus, I use Rm 3.80 to buy a yummy fruit rojak, I seldom eat rojak, coz those delicious rojak usually have sotong which i could not eat. and Something crunchy put inside, I really like it!!

 Actually, I went IMU today, its easy to go there actually, I went to BTS, then take LRT to Sri Petaling station, IMU is just there after you cross the bridge.I don't know why I went there, I just feel like go there, thinking that i could find some new information or at least observe the environment there, indeed all students are leng zai leng lui. Since I asked all the academic questions ady, I asked about the hostel there. The market price there currently is around Rm 1800 for a unit of condominium in Vista Komanwel.
 He somehow call me every 30 minutes, Thx dear, I feel that you love me,hahaha.The guy who bring me to see the room is actually a Malay guy who study second year in BPham, he is having his sembreak one month, he utilise his sem break to work as a part time at student service dapartment there, he is quite leng zai also, I nearly shocked by him, but I try my best to resist it.hahahaha.

During the time, 4 people who are some are very important in my life, some are quite important in my life called me. My mom, she is the one who only understand my situation, and she is willing to listening to my murmur, and my murmur are a lot becauseI kept repeating, I guess she is the one who can tear with me and assist me all the way. She asked me since I went there ady, try to ask some question about pharmacy, coz before this, I told her N&D student  need to complete 12 assignments in 3 days, so I asked him, he reply me with a doubt face, "oh really~~?" God knows.

While showing me the units, he explained the details of the procedure, and hostel. It is Rm 550 per month, its not expensive there, coz hostel IMU provided with wifi, water bill, eletric bill paid, together with the maintanence fee, so its okay la, but, by that time, i still unwilling to admit this is the market price, only later I called the people/agent who want to rent their room, I confess.

I am still in doubt, rojak, He called again^^, cross the bridge Mum called, I finally decided in this moment, everything has its price, for sure its better to study IMU, coz IMU provide higher standard in everything, quality, facility, enviroment, activities.and reputation.

Masterskill has its price too, its cheaper, therefore everything are poorer than IMU, Masterskill won't give u a life like university, but in fact it depend on you, how u value it. For me, as long as I have a brunch of good friend, I will be good. If i wanted to learn dance, I can learn outside, more professional, it won't cause me Rm 550, and if I have a car, All the maintence fee, the petroleum won't exceed Rm 550 per month. And I will be study pharmacy too, my future won't be decide by which school my graduate from, of course it certainly an added advantages I am a alummi from IMU, but I will study hard too.

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