April 8, 2013

When I played with hair chalk

When I first have the idea of post it here,ie open to public,
I was doubt whether to post this here, coz I think this post is bit of childish.

Whatever is it, I make my mind to post it 

First, since the title is PLAY, let me show you how MESSY it is after dying,

  and my pity sink is bleeding like an alien with a purple blood wash his/her cut in my sink.Whose false??

The hair chalk la

 there are so many colours you can choose, ie you can order the alien which colour to bleed~~

When I first heard about hair chalk, I thought it is something that design specially for our hair, I mean, human's hair. But I was quite bit of "zha dao" when I receive it is pasterl for drawing??? whereby I bought from Streetdeal for Rm 20++

During the moment, I just very excited to try out,you know, you can dye your hair and wash it off if you don't like, on on weekend, back to be a good girl during weekday? Hahaha.But I notice its quite expensive for Rm 20.

Tadang! So the outcome is something like this.

Does it look great?I don't know how the red stroke come to my neck,and another one is not a stroke, it's a scar from my operation.

But let me tell you, of you think this is nice, it look nice only. My hair is going to a vast devastation during the colouring.

and the texture is rough! Totally rough, even after you comb with your hair, it will still knot, pity my hair spoil already...

Hence, if you want to use hairchalk, don't use it so often.

 a closer look, after blue add-on

 want to give rock and punk feel, but I only look nice when I smile =(

Even my comb also join into the game`~

When kids are playing, they will become dirty oso. Same to me, consequence of didn't using hand glove.

the colour wouldn't be that obvious without flashlight

the final outcome ^^ without flash light, but under bright light