April 6, 2013

Saving General Yang 忠烈杨家将

Actually I never plan to watch Saving General Yang , its actually a last minute plan decided to watch that. Frankly, my opinion, I think its okay only. One thing that catch my attention is numerous of hot guys from Taiwan, Hong Kong,and China

I think its so so only, cause I expect the story will still go on after the 六郎 sixth son which starring by Wu Chun吴尊 bring his father back. But the story end there....

However every moment of the scene is captivating, sad also. Guess boy will like this kind of massive action, battle movie.Anyway, I like the character of 三郎 third son played by 仔仔周渝民, Vic Chou, his look in the movie that come with moustache is macho, handsome to die man!

Staring by
veteran Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng 郑少秋as the titular General Yang, also the father of the seven sons

 Xu Fan, 徐帆 from China

 Ekin Cheng 郑伊健 as the elest of his seven loyal sons

 于波 Yu Bo from China

 周渝民 Vic Chou, the Yang's Third son, is an expert archery player!!I super like his look.....mention above already

 李晨Li Chen , Yang's fourth son

 林峰, Raymond Lam

 吴尊 Wu Chun, who love the princess of the Emperor

 七郎的付辛博 The youngest son of Yang, Fu Xin Bo from China

Well, the villain in the movie, I thought is Ku Tian Le at the first, and later on I just found out that he is a China actor oso, Shao Bin he is.

 安以轩, Ady Ann, the princess grow together with Yang's sixth son, they loved each other.

Okay, I shouldn't reveal too much, else later you all will punch me

before I end this post..I would like to throw some quotes from the movie

天命难违, 要就杨令公,七子去六子回

I not sure whether its the exact quote or not, but this is roughly the meaning la

For your information, this movie has taken one year to do its post-production(editting, adding visual and sound effect) for about one year in Australia.

this post is the most "man" post, most "macho' post I ever blog, too much of hotties already, hahahaha.

DONE, sign off with love <3 br="">