October 20, 2012

My experience in convocation 2012

Hello there. There were many things stuck in my mind I want to pukeout now. Already planned what to write here before. I joined the Convo of my university and become a helper there.The convo was held in PICC(Putrajaya International Conventional Center) for 3 consecutive days, 18-20 October. So I get the idea that most of the uni would held their convocation every year around this moments, 2nd or 3rd week of October,is it? 2 sessions on first and second day, each sessions gather around 800-900 graduates like that. So it was super crowd! I usually choose to avoid the crowd and went to hidden corners around.  Because I was under student affair, so basically my job is to handle the graduate only. Let me describe the way I handle them ar...

1.showing the direction for graduate to register
2. remind about stuff need to be bring along in the hall
3. make sure parents have the invitation card with them
4........ this kind of miscellaneous.

 Apparently, the bus came at 4.30am , so I have to wake up around 3.30am like that. Luckily, now, I am done with it.2 sessions on first and second day, so reached hostel around 9++ pm like that, totally exhausted.Thats why I slept early. Honestly speaking, my duty was quite boring.I decided to join the convo just because I want to learn something. like the way the handle them, the arrangement....
 My OOTD on day 3 (can anyone tell the what does OOTD stand for?)

 with my friends, I just get to know them from the event. All my friends who should join the event together with me cannot join in the end due to  some reasons. Luckily I met them there. If not, I would lonely die ar~~

 Not much photos taken, my friends finally need not to study ady....happy for them, and congratz to them too!

 So I played instagram to resolve my bore.I played like 2 hours these few days,kay. This photo is beautiful ,right? I posted this photo in my instagram and an anonymous follow me because of this,hahaha, I m so motivated!

OH yea, dear all who read my blog, plz do follow me with username maple2772 in instagram. I don't know how to put the link here. Because I can only access to instagram with my android phone.
 Trying to show the scene that I view here. kekekeke. And the choir performance is love!

the food there were nice too!We all were provided with coupons for meal. 

There were many mementos there, I picked the one I think is the special one.^^

I also spotted my bf's school's souvenir mug at PICC here. I was so elated to let him know,I felt that we were connected because of this.(Ridiculous? So what? we have not been seeing each other like ages ler)

Indeed I learnt a lot from this events. My first ever time to participate in convo and I think my biggest harvestes is that I knew how to put on the robes properly le...hehehe.

Lastly, congratz to my friends, u all finally stepping into another big step where u get to escape from study mood hell ady. and Congratz to me, coz I manage to do it!!