April 8, 2012

Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala LUm,pur

I am suffer from hot whether yesterday, it was really really hot and I lost the mood to take photo.

Initially, I went there together with my coursemate and Janice, to do our bio field work, actually I am quite regret of choosing Lake Garden as the food chain there is not as vary as in Zoo Negara, here to advice to those if you want to do a field work, Zoo Negara or any zoo is the most ideal place, because you can create a food chain, flower, grasshopper, frog, snake, lion/tiger/snake, and the food chain is completed.
I didn't mean that Lake Garden is lousy, just that it is not suitable to do the bio field work coz Garden won't have tiger, snale, crocodile and all those huge animal.In fact, I saw many people went there yesterday, even some going-to-marry couple also choose to photoshot their most memorable moment take, haha and guess what, I took this advantage to take photo with one of the pair of bridegroom and bride, and after that I shaked hand with them, congratz to them.

Though the whether is very untolerateable, I wish that I could visit Lake Garden in the future, and I learnt a lesson not to go there in the morning or afternoon, I guess 4.30pm reach there would be appropriate.

taking KTM from Bandat Tasik Selatan to Kuala Lumpur, and this is actually my first time taking KTM!
the most satisfied specimen taken, sadness, i don't know hers name, I guess I won't use it in my log book.........
ching ching! Do i see a handsome boy?
okay, stare back at camera lens
i had taken several attempt to take it! dragonfly ar  dragonfly ,plz stay stationary,can?
note tat umbrella and hat were all found, see! how terrible the whether was
a beauty with flowers!okay, plz do not comment on this photo
Finally, group photo!!
cing cing! wish me luck!