June 4, 2010


a bit tired now...
coz just came back from kuantan

i wan to talk about my thyroid sickness now.
FNCA today,

FNAC stand for Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

is a method of taking some part of the related organ's tissue or cells in order to further check or confirm the condition of the organ.(it just like extract blood,just the needle is poke into my neck and i thought it will be pain ,but well ...hehehe,just like what you feel when taken blood)Before FNAC,i had been went through ultrasound scaning,doctor found out that the thyroid enlargement is a solid about 18mm x 11mm in size.Since the doctor not sure whether it is cancer,FNAC is needed .What does i know is if its cancer ,then operation is confirm needed,if its not cancer,then maybe there is/are another ways to settle it instead of operation to remove the solid thing.I just worried if operation is carry on,then a scar will be living permenantly on my neck...OMG,it was suck to imagine it.Anyway,hope i won't undergo surgery or operation.

But the doctor say o:
if the solid thing keep growing up,then operation is needed...

erm....honestly,i don't think i will be that "lucky" to get cancer,but i also hope the solid thing won't growing,coz i just don't want to have a scar on my neck.

Currently measure is do nothing and just waiting for next appointment only.<3