March 1, 2010

about those study thingy

just a few minutes ago,i told my mum tat i got 3.0 in my TOV.and then my parent kept praise me and encourage me.among those sentence,a sentence encourage me , enthuse me the most.they said: see,u r now not study really hard(30%),and u can get 3.0,then how about the result when u r study hard(the maximum hardworking degree of me is 70%,i won't study hard 100%,if i am using 100%,i won't fbing,blogging,msn,lepaking and become a genuine kaki study,mean读书仔,unless there is something stimulate me,perhaps i will pratice 100% in dancing la,but study 100%,hehehe,i dun want to be a kaki study la)

we are currently carry out many project
1. insect
3. soil
4. R&D

well, i din giv too much tension to myself,just chill out,coz its a team project.and...i serve them happy go lucky,hahaha.(Wei Han seem like giving to much pressure to herself le,she serve them too seriously,i think)But when doing the pratical today,i found out myself is just t good at those studying affair,when came into pratical,experiment,i was like.....blur blur,dun noe,just can't organise the procedure well.I also can't organise my idea well during the MUET speaking test.So,i don't want to become a student who is trained to study and get excel result in test but also workable when came to those pratical thingy.So,i must sacrifice time to do the experiment lo~~~

the project 1. and 2. need to be done after the holiday of march and the project 3. and 4. must handle by june.