August 7, 2009

tayar puncture

hehe,i know the spelling of the word(title) is quite weir,in fact ,i don't know how to call them.i rarely run across such word in my life,i just been heard only.this was happening on wednesday night.after fetching soo Ann to Mr chieh there,i went yellow town to buy white clother,ruler,and silver pen.i went there on my own and me alone only.i found a parking seat on front of a closed shop.and i guess,there was where my tayar was being poked by the fucked screw.this happen when i was going to reverse after finishing the purchase.

indeed,i oso think i am quite 迟钝,i guess i heard the sound ady,but i dun know wat happened actually.there was a car on my left side,the driver who sat inside the car kept watching on my tayar.but yet i still dun noe what had happened.i thought he was afraid my driving skill was not that good and will crush his car.So,i pretend to be so calm.hehe,Tat why,both my font tayars undergo broken.
my dad ask the workman to replace it and drive to zhen wei's shop for futher repairing.

see,whole tayar broken ady.broken in a awkful way.sp pity.
my dad told me it is extremely dangerous to drive in such condition coz the car had the risk to overturn!!!!i oso dun noe how can i cameback safely from the store there.
the fucked screw~~~cost my dad around Rm300 for service.

through this accident,i only know that evey single car must has a kit inside the bonet for emergency,and a stanby tayar as well.

oh my god~~~~