August 22, 2009

jolin's butterfly

yea yea,i had bought the jolin's butterfly album,with satisfaction. the original of the album is RM44.50,but since i am the member of the popular,i just need to buy the album with RM35.85.and the album include Cd of 10 songs and DVD with 5MV.namely "final extravagant " version.As i am fond of her,i will buy the album although my computer already have her song(illegally download song),because buy the legal album is a way to support her.

i am the fan of jolin,so i will support her all the way i can,but not too radical.i had buy her agent J album(the very first album),and then later another agent J version,well...i bought either because the second version have DVD,ie able to watch mv.actually, the original version also have DVD,but it was music movie,due to curiousity,i had bought the latter version,which imported from taiwan.but the content of both version is almost the same.even for the music movie and mv,coz most of the mv are modified(ie cut paste,edit) from the music movie.just a few mv like agent J,bravo lover and tao hua yuan and sun will never set aand tacit violence are new only.i had learned a lesson not to buy the original album since the release of agent J,because a modified version with MV will be release later.i learn this lesson from my pass experienced and from newspaper.the news paper claim that it was such a custom for JOLIN to release album and modified and release the same title another version album again.

well,but i still like her.She is my inspiration