April 4, 2009

snapshoot in PLKN

taken right before back.this is padang kawad.
taken from the side of padang kawad,the blue shirt one is the pelatih go to sivil class.
me and mei qi.we are the same dorm.
me and wei an.same dorm too.
LY,me and KS
they like to act strangely.
this is the serious one.
ks , me ,taking during gotong-royong,if not mistaken.
CT ,an adorable girl .
me with the flag of CHARLIE,the cikgu(jurulatih) said we ask take along with the flag everywhere even when we go toilet.
another name for charlie is BELIA WAJA.

LY wif her gotong-royong posting,hahaha
Sunday,the day of parent visiting.
MQ,or miki is my dormmate.
WA also.