April 20, 2013

Lembing Riverview Resort

Last Thursday, I was going on Sungai Lembing trip with Kemaman Buddhist Association! Glad that I actually join it,the aunty that organise this trip is so genius that found this resort.

Lembing Riverview Resort

alright, lets roll on with the pics!

the corridor of my hotel I stay in. I like how it give me a feeling of Harmony~~~
Woohoo, life is so good!

During the way toward this hotel, we  passed through graveyard on both roadside, quite creepy, but no afraid la, I wasn't alone,hahaha.And I have been to Sungai Lembing before, until now I still don't know why this is always many shops didn't operate. And personally, I think Sungai Lembing is quite rural(no offence), but rural in a positive way.

How does it say?
Okay, not a totally rural, but minor proper deveploment, especially in tourist field and major of them still remain in their original appearance.Having its virgin look is something that I like, So yeah =), I guess you know what I mean.
I didn't expect I would live in a hotel like this, a  lot more luxurious version than what I thought.

Quite impress when I got to  stay in this, I-rate it as 4 stars resort, as I mention earlier, I would never expect a 4 start resort would establish here!

 the graphis is playgfully paint on wall, spice up our stay =)

 So, I also playfully play with the Eiffel Tower in the resort. See! I actually touch the tip of Eiffel Tower!

(feeling like want to eat macaron now)

 Everyone eat the chicken wings that I prepared!

okay, its not me, its the staff there, they were super friendly. And I like the staff there didn't put on uniform, coz it make me feel at ease, and approachable, not the guest there is superiorly high class.

Not only chicken wing available, but Jagung, or corn or maize, and hotdog, and ikan bakar and squid. I was eating to the fingertips!And not forget to mention,the jagung is really nice! they didn't BBQ the jagung with planta, but its pleasantly sweet!

 The feasting time~~~

 Even the teen also happy with the ikan bakar! The paste used is overwhelming~~I even mix the paste with fried mee.

okay, the fish doesn't look appealing here, but its very nice indeed

Found this almost in every block, ironically, the bicycle rate for adult at my block is Rm 20 per day.