September 23, 2018

Crazy Rich Asian: What I've thought/learnt

Pre- warning ahead:
THis is going to be another word post. 

I have spent so much time watching all the news/video clips about Crazy Rich Asian (CRA). I guess It just connect all of us at the some points or most of the point! 

and I have a new found perspective after watching some CRA interviews, esp the 30 mins video. 

I have no idea why am I so mad love at this movie! I guess initially it was because it brought Singapore and Malaysia and Asia so beautifully in Hollywood way, into the attention of Hollywood like Marvel hero's movie-kind of attention. 

and I am so so proud that the main character in the movie as well as the character that brought twist to the plot were Malaysian! Yas! I am so happy when I found out that Henry is a Malaysian, so Michelle, was indigenous Malaysian! A famous star from Ipoh, Malaysia. 

They don't particularly highlight that part, but we all know that. and there is something that make us connect to the movie....Don't you? 

Then as I continue to dwell into the movie. (I literally dwell ..almost everything about CRA), stalking all the stars through Instagram. Knowing their next direction and so on. In short, I spent on average 20 mins per day to just watch anything about CRA). It was too empowering, aspiring, overwhelming. I feel the need to express it somewhere. 

What I've learnt

1. Never settle for something less than what you wanted. 

Being a Malaysian/CHinese, we were taught to stick to reality. Our life doesn't live like fairy happily ever after. Well, no body deny of that, and it's true. However, it brought to me that we can actually look deeper into it. 

Yea, correct. Reality is cruel sometime, accept it and learn how to handle it. Eventually, with perpetual consistent and arduous effort  and time, we will at least get something if we didn't get what we expected. 

Throughout of my life, I was living with full of enthusiasm, (I believe I was, not shame to admit that), but you know after started working, worrying about how to earning stable bread and butter, regular daily routine just worn me out a little, every day is the same routine for me. And I work hard to save money, until at some point, sometimes, I feel just like giving up , not wanting save but splurging on something I like. 

Reflecting on all my journey working like a cow with constant routine, don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my work, I just don't like to living the same routine day in and day out. but at one time, I do enjoy staying in my comfort zone. ..... a bit of irony, but as a human, young working adult, you know what I mean ,don't you? )

There is also another of example of Never Settle for the less. Sometimes, I would just give in for something I want to make peace with people. I mean, I am okay with it, although it doesn't go as what I thought, but I've seen (through videos) how the director of CRA live up with perserverance in many small details in making the movie, it inspires me. 

I learnt that I should balanced between working life, and indulge in my lazy pleasure (shopping, blogging, doing something vain, eating). I mean we all deserve it after working so hard,right? 

I dare to say this because sometimes when I keep myself away from all my pleasure indulgence, I suddenly lost the motivation to work hard. LITERALLY. Am I working so hard just to save money? 
That's why I feel like it's very important to live with enthusiasm with the right motivation towards the right direction. 

As I mention, I use to live with enthusiasm , go with what comes along my way, but at the end of the day, it does show result, but not towards the right direction. I am talking about....MONEY. Henry Golding in the movie and in the real life is just someone with so much charm, and enthusiasm! Simply google or youtube any video of him, and you will understand! 

He also said that we need to change our mindset to work things out. For instance, he came back to Malaysia, and wanted to start in broadcasting industry, with zero experience or skills, however, he changes his mind , and start introducing himself with lines like this..." I am Henry Golding...I am a presenter, a host.." Eventually, when people notice you and your identity, they tend to link you to the position you want from the way you brought yourself, and the way you introduce yourself, and the feeling you exude to them. 

2. Master a skill, make it your own.

Being a Malaysia, have you ever heard of saying like this.. " We Malaysians look like we know everything, but when dwell into it, it seems like we are not really good at it. We macam know here a bit, then know there a bit, in the end Macam Yes"

But here it is. I am so proud of Malaysia ever since 509, in the year of 2018. and fall in love with my own identity, myself because there are actually many mega talented Malaysians every where! In CRA, there is a controversy that Henry Golding wasn't just the right person to play Nick Young , because he isn't the true Asian. (He is half-British as well)

Here's how he explains it.

“Being sort of half British, I have always struggled with my identity and the one thing that I learnt very young was to own my identity.” Henry Golding

Bam! Why so much of wisdom ar? 

Sometimes, I tend to blame it the environment, like I am not lucky enough to got the change to be in the position I want, which is true. But I have learnt that, ....develop a very serious, consistent, long term motivation, a motivation huge enough to keep  you alert, and aware that you don't have to be in a better place to own it. 

For example,  
I used to wanting to live and work in Singapore very very much! (I still do. ) Not because of the triple increase in income, but also the environment of people speaking English there, and the way how they eat healthily in general, because of their gov policy, less salt , less sugar.....erm.....I think if you fall in love with something, you will just love whatever it has offered. (Positive framing it is)

and now, Henry Golding is living in Singapore....How i wish that I actually staying in Singapore, then one day I can actually bump into him somewhere in a corner in Singapore! 

But to think in a deeper lever, Singapore was, at one point, sharing the same standard as with Malaysia, in everything! Economic, Law, Policy....development and stuff.

So it is the people who make the change. Of course there are so many things I can blame if I want to. But recently, I have learnt that we can actually be the key changer. Just like how the cast of CRA be the first wave of whitewashing movement. and the great thing is....there would be sequel about CRA!
Anyway, at this point of time, I just wish to watch all the movie with Henry Golding's presence. (A SIMPLE FAVOUR, Last Christmas)

Testing testing

July 7, 2018

#7072018 随手一拍

Am transferring my photos for the past 2 years into my phone now. So I thought It's better for me to chronicle some of them here, before I forget them.

#22nd July 2017
 Came across for thirth book store here in The Curve after I have finished food review in Pak John Restaurant.

A place where I can go if I want to get some leisure reading and cheap books, and paramount of cooking books there!

#22nd July 2017 - Celebrating my 大伯娘 birthday. The birthday celebration was indeed a cozy and luxurious one! It's small size but so grand! I wish that I can throw such birthday celebration for my parents too!

I just wanna make them proud!

the bottle so special hor

M for Maple

with my then boyfriend, now our status upgrade to become Mr & Mrs Tan in 2 more months! He is my fiance now! 

With my sister who works in KL

part of the delicate- eye-popping decor. 

and my cousin sister also gave her mum a bouquet of red roses! 

Meeting up with Nitya!! She is one of my closest coursemate!

Then in August. I had the chance to feast on wonderful palate. 

Had the chance to try on the biggest burger in Malaysia 


All thanks to my blogger babe, Kimora.

Attending my ex-boss' wedding reception in Subang Dorset 

Life is not a smooth sailing after all

I can be
Pretty when my heart is blossoming
Moody when I hit road bump
Overwhelming when I am overloaded with consuming/arduous workload
Shitty/Tension when I am lost

Pretty me

Bare face me

6th August 2017

The first meeting to discuss about Dharma Walk carnival on 30th September 2017.

 äººå°‘å°‘æ—¶,随便拍一拍。 I like to mingle with people of the same age.

两位 91 很逗趣的样子。 

真的没有东西做, 随便拍一拍, 嘉雯很美丽。 

Okay, 开始认真了。 

 å¼€å§‹å…¨éƒ¨äººåˆ°é½äº†, 我也开始收敛了。

 è®¤çœŸmeeting中。 因为我是宣传组的, 所以会一直拍照。 that's my best strategy to keep on increasing the exposure for the event mar~~


8th August 2017

Teaching tuition to the adorable sisters! The other one was not in the photo.

I used to have my dinner settled in Petrol station most of them before attending to giving home tuition. Today, the fellow in the pic gave me a cup of free chocolate cause they have just installed the coffee making machine! The chocolate was wonderful! 

You can choose the amount of sugar and others. 

My dinner in petrol station before giving tuition. 


Colourful.  Bright Indian Garland.  
12th August 2017

Before Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. 

护法行宣传组also in charged with designing poster. 

The vouchers were ready. Ready to be distributed! I guess between August and Sept was the peak time for Dharma Walk promotion. I was at my most busiest time doing Dharma Walk during the last 2 weeks before the actual day. 

 Dharma Walk publicity tour: Alvin promoting in Hoeh Beng Buddhist  temple. A very serene wonderful temple in  heart of Kuala Lumpur. city. Accessible with public transport. Just go down at  Monorail Chow Kit and walk roughly 500m and you will reach!

jia you! Alvin!

23rd August 2017
I'm too stress I deserve some goodness to refuel myself. LOL 

23rd August 2017- Hubby purposely sent me this during the lunch hour!

My working outfit on 23rd August. 

24th August 2017- Departing to Sabah , for YBAM Biannual Convention. 

I just cannot re-call how I reach KLIA that time. Perhaps we were by then too rush, and I got confused to store in my memory. 

Air BnB on the first night. 

Til then. Will try to update again if I have free time in the future. Afterall, there is a lot of ways to do self reflection and throwback. I am blessed that I got get involved in Selangor Dharma Walk 2017 preparation. It was  nearly a 6-month preparation. I got to learn so much, getting closer with some friends, and knowing a lot of new friends though facing a lot of difficulties which eventually settled because of the teamwork.

It was by far one of the frequently played memories in my mind til now.

May 26, 2018

Laneige and Mamonde,Sulwhasoo and Etude House :6 % off to welcome the abolisment of GST 2018


Amorepacific Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Amorepacific Malaysia), a Korean-based beauty company celebrates the abolishment of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) by offering a six percent discount on beauty products across its brands i.e Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde and Etude House.

This special discount is offered from May 21 until 31, 2018 and is applicable to products sold at the various brands’ beauty counters and boutiques.

“GST has been a burden to many who wanted it abolished. When the nation received the good news on the abolishment, we took the opportunity to celebrate with our customers by offering them a privileged discount,” said Margaret Chin, General Manager of Amorepacific Malaysia.

According to Chin, brands under Amorepacific Malaysia have from time to time offer special treats and promotional packs to help customers enjoy cost savings. Chin added “Maintaining healthy skin has become a neccessity for most women so it is the company’s mission to help our customers achieve that.”

Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Mamonde are available nationwide including East Malaysia. While, Innisfree and Etude House will focus on its growth in the Peninsular Malaysia before expanding to East Malaysia in the third quarter of 2018.

Laneige BB Cushion

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Laneige lip mask - The first lip mask in beauty line

About Amorepacific
Established in September 1945, AMOREPACIFIC Corp.(referred to as ‘AMOREPACIFIC’) is  South Korea’s largest beauty and health company that is committed to becoming the “Asian Beauty Creator” and has provided global customers with a total package of beauty and health solutions through 30 brands spanning beauty, household, and healthcare products. Building upon its expertise that is balanced with tradition and modern science, AMOREPACIFIC has been operating cutting-edge R&D centers and product distribution channels in 14 countries including the US, China, France and Southeast Asia. The company joined UN Global Compact in 2007 in its pursuit of sustainable management that matches the global standards and was admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) in 2010.