September 20, 2015

Beauty Review: Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control)

Product details

Product name: Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ PA+++
Retail Price: Rm 179
Laneige Store Locator: Aeon One Utama, Parkson Pavilion, KLCC and more
Function at first glimpse: Act as a primer or UV protection
Shades available: Total 6 shades (from lightest to darkest tone)

Packaging: 15g (come with a refill)

Also, the Laneige AIr puff that come together with the BB cushion is another miracle too! When I used it, I feels like it absord the BB cream well, but it also return in the same amount when I swatch it from the BB cream to my face.

Normally Sponge absord 100% and only come out with about 50% on the face. So the Air puff is a miracle! If you can see from the picture above, the outcome using Laneige Cushion Sponge is equal/better than using  finger!For me ,  I would prefer to use Sponge/Air puff instead of finger for the hygience purpose.

Also, using hand might might has cause BB cream distribute unevenly if you didnt pay attention on that. but you would not likely to face this when using the Korean Air Puff!

So this is how Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF 50+ PA+++ look like

Conveniently built-in with mirror and airpuff, yet the BB cream is separate from exposing to air. So that the BB cream wouldn't be dry.

Now you can create that Korean-looking skin (dewvy, porcelain likely smooth skin) with this cushion!

This is one of the photos after the BB cushion application, my skin look damn porcelain smooth here! Except that it is less rosy than my normal tone. Never edit the photo. And 2 layers of application. 

According to the press kit that I have gotten. Laneige BB Cushion POre Control has 6 functions. Now, let's me test it one by one.

1. Pore Control. 
Pore Purifying Complex ,formulated with Melia , Keratinase & Salicyclic Acid that works to remove poison and waste (excessive sebum and external pollutants). Hence it helps to nourish our mini pore on our face, while using it as BB cream function. 

2. Pore Coverage
This one I can assure you  that it does. Here is the prove! 

As you can see, it's immediately brighten my skintone, cover the pore. Results of 2 layers of application.

However, I usually do not apply more than 2 layers on my eye area, as it might appear cakey, due to the movement of my eye wrinkle. Still this BB cushion is one of the Cream foundation that is having thin consistency texture., providing a natural appearance 

3. Semi-matte finish
YOu might wander why is SEMI-MATTE finish is consider pros of the products. I wander about it too. So I went through some research online. 

I don't know what is Matte, Semi matte  foundation. But Semi-matte tend to associate with dewvy look . I read here, that Matte foundation is suitable for oily, ace-pronce skin. 

Hence I assume, semi matte is able to fit oily, combination skin like me, yet it create an evenly skin tone appearance with a dewvy look. 

4. Water Resistant
Strong resistance against perspiration and sebum for long lasting make-up.

However, in term of water resistancy, it does. My look is still there until I wash my face. =D

5. Soothing effect
It reduces the skin's temperatur by 3 degree celsius. I cant accurately verify this. But it does cooling the skin after the application. 

During my first try on the BB cushion, it was during the Beauty road tour, that a laneige girl help me to apply. I felt my skin instantly cool down by the bb cushion. (not sure because she put a lot, or is it in air-condition room) The cooling sensation make me keep touch to feel the refreshness of my skin only, hehe. 

And everytime after that, I put on the BB cushion, I dont feel my skin as cold as the first time. (I apply it not in air-conditioned room btw). But when I touch my face, it is still cooler than my usual face temperature. 

6. UV protection
SPF50+ PA +++ give my skin protection from the Harmful UV rays! Okay, now the plus point is that I can going out without need to apply sunblock or BB cream. 

Besides, normally the higher the SPF, the texture tend to be more oily. but this BB cushion appear in cream form, and I don't feel oily whenever I applied it on my face. So it's a plus plus point too! 

(Okay, the line is slant IKR, but i applied the BB cushion  a bit too syok ady, until I forget I need to apply only half face, pardon me~~)

I actually using the shade #23. Which I think is my skin tone colour. But you can see the brigtening effect here. But I don't really see it very obvious in real life. So I assume that more layer that you applied, the more brightening you are. Haha. 


Overall, the BB cushion does create a korean looking dewvy look on my face. That boost my confidence looking at my skin. Hahaha. But my skin (combination to dry) tend to get a little sticky after some times (4 hours and above). So I recommended to put on a sheer layer of loose powder before you go out. 

Also, I like the smell of Laneige on my face. It's so girly, and me like it. The things that keep me grounded is that it has Sun protection that keep me from not only harmful UV, also prevent me from getting darker.

I feel like BB cushion is a must for every girl who would like a natural make up. Cause the outcome is natural, yet it reflect a healthy, porcelain, poreless skin on you. But my advice is, whatever foundation, BB cream that you put on, make up you remove it thoroughly at night before you sleep. Skin need to breath, ok?


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