September 30, 2015


#58 The way of love from Daddy
at the age of 24, I actually not very embarassed when I still need my parents to financially support me in my daily life, because I am still studying. Of course, I wish that can ease the burden of my parents. That's why I always hope to graduate fast fast so that I can earn money by myself. 

And to achieve earning more money dream, I need to study harder, so that I would get to fulfill the job requirement. Also, with the help of PTPTN, nowadays I seldom ask pocket money from my parents, eventhough I lack of money. (Spent less lar)

13th sept 2015. I think this is Rm 50. My dad pass these note to me. It just so random, the usual tone

  "nah, this money for you"

I accepted the money cause I need to use them, hehe. But this action make me think a lot. My dad works so hard to support his wife, children, to maintain or even to elevate the living standards. This is the reason that motivate him to work 6 days in week. Morning to night. He earned it, and gave it to us (as in we deserved it).  

I feel like he deserved better. His life is simply about work, come back home, eat, watch TV and sleep. Routinely life everyday. I not sure if he is happy with his life. But he will keep on doing it without a single complaint (oh yea, when there is public holiday, he wish to sleep the whole day instead of going vacation), and with the best ever attempts and high spirit motivation. He once said that 

We are his motivation to work hard

When I was having my internship. I work 6 days a week. until 5pm only. I already complaint tired already. ...

Somehow, I suddenly realised that this is the way of LOVE from my daddy. His study until Primary school level. So as I grown up (and received higher education). I knew a lot of latest trend, and IT things more than him. Still our topic of discussion still a lot. Tell him what i do in blogosphere, my school, my friends, my relationship with wei sheng....

And he might be less educated, but he behaved better than some of those who are educated (I am talking about myself). My dad seldom scold us one, but there were 2 or 3 times he said something like this. Which is absolutely SO TRUE. , that is very hard to forget. 

你读书读酱多, 做人做到酱 (不对)

you know right, sometimes when we get angry, I will just curse lightly (very2 lightly only, which I think is appropriate, cause just want to rant only). ORwhen I did something really very silly, like it's obviously my fault, like running away fromr responsibility...etc..He would speak like this. 

This post is just to record my thought on this. The way of Love from my Daddy. 

#57 Vivien, thank you for your fish lens!!
Thank you so much vivien for the fish lens!! I just randomly told her that I want a fish lens, and she really try her best to get it for me!! HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU!!!

#56 Because Nitya working here (1st Sept 2015)
I am not a fan of starbuck actually, coz I don't drink coffee. We went here because our friend Nitya working here. It's quite unusual for me to hang out in starbucks. Despite this picture is just common in our daily life. I want to post it here. Coz the graffiti by her is so cute!

#55 Appreciation gift to one of my superior
 hehe, creative or not?

#54 Home-cooked love food

Love to eat like this, together with family everyday

#53 Mummy's birthday

Celebrate Mummy's birthday like this. coz 3 of our sibling were study in their college away from hometown.

Yummy yummy porridge at home =D 

Back in Kemaman!!!

Just I know watch a show from TV, 超级演说家,有一位叫苗霖的23岁小生,演讲到最后都哭了,说了一句让我很影响深刻的话


很多时候,我都不知道自己要做什么(未来的事业), 一下子像任何可以赚钱的工,一下子想做自己喜欢做的东西。这也是最近除了1。就是2。最多的FAQ了。



Inspired from others also. Sometimes, we no need to spent too much time to think about whether or not to execute something. Esp when the something is clearly beneficial. #burdenfree

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