August 3, 2015

TEDMI Launch In Malaysia

TEDMI is an apps that launch since 22nd July 2015. The founder of TEDMI, Andrew Lim,  created this apps together with his team based on notion of SOCIAL, PLAY and REWARD.


Unlike the newsfeed in Facebook, the content here is so variety. (Because the facebook one is personal, and mostly pop out if you seem relate to it. )This one the news/update here is a bit unrelated to our living circle, but still important lar, just like how you read in Newspaper, but it's a light reading.

There is a game , like when you are rearing your pet digitally/virtually.

In a instant way. Everything when you open TEDMI, this is the first thing that will pop up. You can choose 1 ticket out of 3 to redeem, and the ticket/voucher is given for FREE!

If you don't like all the 3 tickets, you can wait for another 10 minutes, for second time redeem. You can redeem a new ticket once every 10 minutes. and keep it in your "Wallet" , and use it whenever you go to the participated shop.

There were a list of partner participating to give FREE tickets. Click here to view more. 

Last but not least, enjoy the video that I made. It's quite random actually. And most part of the video is about the performance, Quite some long time I didnt watch live performance already.Everything is just so new to me! Nevertheless, performing in Cinema has limited moving area.

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