July 12, 2015

Literally Thai Syok (太爽)!

 Thanks to Open Rice, I got the exlusive invitation for Food Tasting. Not only the food provide you the sensational experience, the funky grafitti  impress me at the first glimpse, feel like this place is so young.

Thai Syok located at the basement level of Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang which is 2 minutes walk from KLCC. It is easily accessible by means of driving or public transport too! Scroll to the bottom of this post to getting there. 

The Thai delicacies that we tried.

There are too many Thai restaurants that decorated in such a way that is fine-dining ambience, luxurious. Jeffred Tham, the managing director of Thai Syok Authentic Thai Street Food restaurant, aimed not only to provide a cozy, spacious envinronment. He also tried to bring the restaurant patrons to Thai.

The surronding here resemblance some tourism hotspot in Bangkok. Striking, Bold in colour. These features was found on the grafitti wall, the tableware, up to the cute colourful lowered tables and benches!!
(If you been to Bangkok or Hatyai, the tourism places there were so artistic, aesthetically looking.Some demure, and some other bold but all are colourful, you can found this cultural even in their toilet! No kidding)

Now, let's look at our main focus here, Shall we?

Those delicacies that we tried on the day weren't the typical Tom Yam soup , Pandan chicken, red rubies and jackfruit, mango sticky rice. However, trying these really an eye-opener to me!

Thai Tamarind Squid RM 19

Freshly squid were first fried before enrich with the authentic thai seasoning including Tamarind, sour sauce and some other thai herbs. 

Looking appetizing. But that's not all, it wow you more the moment you savour it!

Hot & Sour Crispy Duck Salad RM21.50

This is litterally spicy. So you might need to order "Firefighter" (a beverage there) to cool you down. The crispy and crunchy duck salad, I thought would be hard, but surprisingly it come out with crispy outlayer, tender interior, and taste spicy hot when you savour it! 

You rarely found this in any other Thai restaurant, so you should definitely ordered this while visitting here. Provided that you can withstand the spiciness lar. 

Minced Chicken with Holy Basil & Steam rice  RM 16

If you were a Thai food lover, you will know that Thai usually used mince pork to pair with steam rice. However, Thai Syok serves Pork Free food. I really amazed how resemblance of this dish with the Minced Pork. Up to this point, I trust that Thai Syok serving great food, and taking care of every little single details. 

Fried Rice with blue crab meat

Even though this is the normal fried rice here. I found it quite comfortable having this with other spicy and sour Thai delicacies. Probably because I cant having too much spicy, and I was so hungry that time.Garnish ed with fried shallot and dried chillies, giving it extra thai fragrance.Whatever is it, I can tell even the fried rice is above average.  

Coconut Pudding (Tako) 6 pieces for RM9

Since the food served were 2 people's portion, so as the Tako was serving 4 too. Amid all the spicy, Thai-style, sweet and sour food, this just coming at the right time. It is so refreshing! I like to eat creamy, milky stuff. But this Tako is just nice, if you have been trying those roadside Tako(which I think the coconut is not fresh), this is the Top notch I would said. I found it delighting to have jicama (or benkoang) that giving a crispy texture. 

 And not forgetting the drinks. Pandan and Lemongrass Tea is normal. The  "Syok Experience" (RM 7)  really Syok!! Having freshly squizee lime, sprinter, sugar to mix it all. Oh yea, please stir it before you drink it.

Also, you get to borrow umbrella with Rm 10 deposit. So considerate , kan? 

Thanks to my partner-in-crime, Ivy Liew for having this together!!! 

Oh yea, this restaurant welcome Muslim friends too!

"We only picked Halal certified chicken and drygoods, 
brand new kitchen utensils and equipment
 to ensure it's not storing any halal item. "

Foods that I wish to try in the future
1. Tom Yam chicken soup
2. King Rama with Fried Rice. (serving only in Thai Syok)
3. Fire-fighter

                                                               GETTING THERE:

No. 0.10, Basement Wisma Central Jalan Ampang, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number: 03 2181 8314

Opening Hours: 1130am - 10pm (Closed on Sunday)
Kitchen close at 9pm

Wifi available

For Public Transport
Coming out from LRT station KLCC, you will found yourself in shopping center Avenue K, then you walk to H&M, go out from the Avenue K, cross the road, then you will see a striking signage protuding out, written "Thai Syok"

For the Driving
I not sure how, you can simply google it. But the good news is that there are free parking on Sunday, and public holiday in Wisma Central building! 

Also, I like how most of the restaurant in KL now. They are not using polystrene (which take up more than 1 million years to decompose), but the plastic container which you can reuse again.