December 14, 2014

Summary to Fifth Semester

Was upload pics from my handphone to laoptop few days ago. Looking into each photo really remind me of something.

 Sometime the farther we go, the more we tend to lose, due to change in environment. 

For instance, just now I want to turn off air-cond in my house, but then my brother insist not to, saying

" Don't you know about the ozone layer is getting thinner because of CFC and the stuff."

 Though I not sure my current aircond has CFC or not. But his word hit me, make me realise that how could I forget my hope to become environmental friendly. So in the end, I pull down the curtain, and turn the fan to maximum. Of course it's not as chilling as turning on air-cond. But this action make me feel good, I can save electricity and contribute to greener environment, haha.

 Eat nasi dagang on 30th sept 2014. I think that is during my last sem break. With boyfriend's family in dungun.

 Thanks Mary Jane for her invitation to Kontiki Food Review. I always wanted to blog this. But I am too busy to spare myself this semester.

 Like the view of KL skycraper~~  View from Hoeh Beng Temple.

 Awww~~~ I like this so much!! Chocolate cupcake, which you are allowed to decorate them yourself. The colourful erm...Idunnoewhat-thing really cheer me up!

First lesson of Japanese class, and the excitement last until the end of the class. Mr Lee is so far the only lecturer who will make us stay awake with his interesting, adventurous Japan's story in the middle of sleeping peak time. (After lunch time).

 First try on chicken rice, never know it's so easy until my friend, Yi Pei cooked it last sems.

Attend Friday tutorial Japanese class. She is Yamada San! She is so elegant, the kind I want to be in the future!

 Hiragana_the first row of so is wrong. Only the 2nd row is acceptable. Can see the difference?

 Be overwhelm that even a simple set of hiragana also have a lot of rules to master ti's writing!

That's how Mr Lee taught us!

 Welcoming night, took photo with these 2 pretty twins, I forgot their name, but this photo got quite 150++ likes! woohoo~~ see, they were so sought after.

 Cheesecake making in progress with my lovely classmates! I like eat cheesecake!!

 First try on manicure that cost me Rm12. The manicure doesn't last long. It teared off in about one week only +.+.

 And the very cure elephant henna. Sho cute!

 This dude play with my hp. Haha, he actually want to remind me don't simply put HP anywhere lar~~

 Temporary escape with Sweety Evon! We had a nice Thai Cuisine during the raining day. Love u, my love!

Left-handed or right handed? 

I seriously need 2 tables to study. Study table is full load of decoration, stationary, reminder note and all.
 This novel is enthralling! The conspiration, and her contradiction to be an ordinary person yet to be a sucessful one keep me engross. I can't finish it during day time. Cause during day time, I  got distracted by a lot of major and minor things. I read most part of it in the middle of night.

First time, from 12 - 6am. (during sem break)  
Second time, 12 - 3am (during final)

Reading this book draw me into another word. Away from stressful world. Hahaha, reading is a nice escapism too! Quite surprise that I actually can stay awake without feeling sleepy, only until 6am. I slept cause I felt guilty I didn't sleep. So, I guess you understand how the plot in this novel draw me to another world.

Sang my lung out! on the final day of my examination!

 Accompany friend to give talk 2 days later. I think I  look pretty here. Because of my expression or my eyebrow??

Taken yesterday, the first photo after I went back to Kemaman.

This is not the actual summary of my semester 5, It's only the photos from my phone I wanted to update it here. Since I don't usually post them, so here is it!

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