September 16, 2013

(last day of promotion) It triggers the shopaholic side of me!

 Etude house has a BUY 1 FREE 1 Sales until Hari Malaysia. I am really excited to share this with you! So much this is the most generous sales I ever encounter, no any terms and condition. but ONly UNTIl TOMORROW 16th Sept 2013

 This is the haul I have gotten from Etude House! A total Rm 89.90 for all you see above. So great, right? Usual price is Rm 89.90 for One! BTW, I am not purposely bought it because its on sale lar~~ but I need some SPF to help me.


Dual tone lipstick, I intent to make it dual tone, it look totally Rocks! But as you see, failed attempt...

(The one that I hold is Chocolate Mousse,went for a food tasting event call Makan Venture. Will update about this soon. Currently my internet speed here is quite sucks.Back to topic, the chocolate mousse is so liquify until you can drink it! The feeling of drinking it is like feeling of drinking oil. I can apparently felt that my upper lips was gasping for air, True story!)

okay, actually I want to mention lipstick only, but the one that I planned to buy is a lip stain or lip balm.My friends  mentioned about how good is this before, so it really intrigue me to buy when I can get it for best price.

Go grab this know, Rm 33 for normal price, but now it only cost Rm 49.5 at Watson when you buy 2! Hurry, get a friend to share with you! or you might own 2 at once! I already have a friend to share another one with me.

I went Kemaman Watson purposely just to buy this today. Guess what?? They dont sell Revlon......Never mind, perhaps I could buy another brand next time. I aim good quaity with lowest price. Hereby to share this to all lass here =), tomorrow Monday is the last day this offer valid. Sincerely hope you all can get your love one!

End this post with an upcoming post of mine. Stay tuned!