June 30, 2013

On Friday~~280613

My bicycle get locked because I parked at inappropriate place, and this was what I get. You have to first go to Finance department to pay the Rm 5, then just ask the guard outside to help to unlock.....

Later during the walk between me and the guard, she told me that they are not the one who lock student's vehicle, there are this  officers on duty will patrol around the campus.

Okay, lesson learnt, will park at proper site next time, I don't want my Rm 5 to fly because of this =.+

the next thing I want to tell is I join this contest recently, I think this is demand, coz its from urban decay. So if you want to join too,

it very easy bitsy to join, as usual, like their page and fill in your details, and share on FB , that's it! So easy why don't you give it a try?

til then