April 5, 2013


 I am back!! I mean I used to upload my photo long time ago, but I seldom do it this few years because I don't doll up nicely.Since today is a day, so Yup.

I bum across Adeline when I was looking for toilet, what a coincidence right?

 Not only her, I saw many Kemaman people today

 Went to watch "Saving General Yang" without planning in advance

 My Look of the day.Its time to trim my hair le, look dull only...stay tuned to see what is my new hair style o~~

I knew the feeling is so wrong pairing my outfit with a big handbag, its like Chic and Rock VS lady, and the shoes....what do you think? I think it would pair well with High Wedges lo.

Anyway, if you wander where I get my black chiffon blouse and maroon?red? fake leather skirt, its from Mirrocle.

okay, I want to talk about  忠烈杨家将 in my another post le