October 22, 2012

How to read the subject code for AMU

A very Good morning to everyone here ^^, my morning today was greet with a cold breeze in Cheras here. Just finished my first class for my third semester. Its English class, basically, as usual, just some introduction of the subject and giving note to be photocopy.

Some interest thing that I learnt today is How to read the subject code, not too late I only knew it today (as its my final sem here), hahahaha.

okay, Now straight to the point.
the subject code for english is FEE1323

F    - Foundation in Health Science
EE - English

1-  Level (like foundation and diploma in AMU is start with 1)
3- Semester (that means I am in third sem right now)
2- not sure
3- the credit hour

I not sure is this code also apply similary on other university as well.Thank you to my Emglish lecturer for the information , okay, I have to continue with my maths assignment now,bye bye.

Happy Monday to all! hahaha