January 3, 2012

third timed- carbonara

i have had been make carbonara before and i blogged about it too. THis is my third time making it, well i did really scare of the FAILURE again, this time i did it with the help of

i did it successfully,hahaha.  A few days before, i help my friend, Sito and Stephen to prepare it.I watched how they cooked, she is using Prego can carbonare too.Inspired by them, just a last minutes plan, wei sheng and i decided to make it, since i had said wanted to cook for him,hahaha.

bully shit him keep saying that can sauge sure delicious la, lalallalalala, btw, it is another milestone for my gastronomy travel again!!!

Since he has been work at pizza hut before, he helped alot. He said that the sauce must be cooked with small fired and must stir all the time.






i really glad that i finally cooked a delicious carbonara, even my mom also praise on us! yes, we are ROCK!!

so what do u think? are u drooling now?