October 10, 2011

nerew life

starting my new life here, MUCH= Masterskill University College of Health Science.
tons of picture will be uploaded soon as i am now onlining usiie my relative's lappy.

Been there the third day. I am so lucky that i met good housemates. while we only knew each other for only 3 days, we are like one family. A girls' family, hahahaha.
when have spare time, we just gathering and keep chatting all the time.from morning to afternoon, and again continue until sleep. Coz we were too spare. For your information, we registered Saturday, no programme on Sunday, we just stay at home, our hostel i mean. and maybe just go out to buy some grocery only.

one thing that i do not satisfied is my house , my room is toooo small! and there are 9 people live in a small house. Let me describe the size of my house. My house has two bathroom, 3 rooms. The humudity there is not very good and cannot see the outdoor activity, wheather too~~~~so sad~~~