September 24, 2011

a trip to caring school -支持华小 part 1

hey, people^^

i went to Muar, Johor for a visit to caring school (爱心小学) yesterday. I learnt a lot from the journey.Before i continue, i wanted to reveal that i am currently working in a primary school,港口华小recently.I am so pleased and feel lucky and i had the opporturnity to join the PIBG and 爱心妈妈 of my school to go to the trip as i am only a temporary teacher (guru ganti).

Mention that in Malaysia, there are two type of temporary teacher/ educator. the first one is 临教,another is guru ganti,代课老师。 Guru ganti normally only work for 3 months as the teacher he/she replace is going to deliver.After the 3-month-break, the teacher,qualified teacher will come back to her postion, and it is time to say bye bye to guru ganti. 临教is a school need a teacher due to certain programme/plan is on, and more position is emerge. It doesn't replace any one, so normally a 临教will work more than 3 months until a qualified teacher is found.

okay, i am probably going too far from the title ady,haha.Here goes some pics of the trip.^^

we start our journey 2.00am in the midnight of Friday, went strainght away to this school.
SJK (C)ChinKwang Wahyu


located Parit Jawa, Muar Johor.
We reached the school about 8.30am. Before that we stopped at the petrol station to wash off ourselves, changing and kind of that.We were so bonding as we wore the same T-shirt of the same piece!!HAHAHA, T-shirt will be reveal as you

rolled down

Most of the pic taken here is to taken as a reference so that we can bring the idea back to innovate, enchance our school overall. My boyfriend say, since you are not longer working there, why you still wanted to jot down the point? I answered like this.Well, this my passionate, and i have the enthusiasm toward this kind of things.Moreover, even though i am not longer working there anymore, i can still apply this idea into other stuff.This pic was taken for they are talent and showing intiative to decorated their school. This give me a good impression.

yea, since we were visiting the caring school. Caring school must be very caring!!~~joke only nia

but, indeed the teacher there were nice, friendly.

Wonder who is the purple-t-shirt staff?
They are teacher. Coincidentally, it was Friday when we visited there. All the teacher and students there will wear sport attire that day. They will exercise from 7.15-8.00am. Sound interest,right??

i never thought of a primary school, government school esp can be carry out special events like that, there were still lots and lots of special events after watching a slide show.From what they did, they are showing a lot of intiative. And i like it,showing the intiative but not intiative in a agrresive way. Like the principle of Pei Yang primary school, she has limit the number of student enroll into school.As the number of students increse in school A, the number of students in other school will decrease in other mean. Hence, i can say that she is really a down-to-earth person. I want to be a person that too!

Oops,sorry for the blur pix taken`~`
the stander is the MC, she was going to present the slideshow.
The little DJ of the school^^
they are trained, see! another initiative of the school again. I say like that because in my mind, i always think that many events could not be carry out as i always think that the government will always restrict such event in financial term or whatso ever.

This is one of the unique of Chin Kwang Wahyu, it is a corridor that showing off the masterpiece of a unable student,i forgot the name of the student,but can you imagine that he is only a year 5 student? and he is able to produce with such great drawing?

I wanna how could the teacher still able to come out with such creative idea when teacher is already stuck with many task,job and kursus and many other miscellaneous things, salute to INITIATIVE them!
the caring canteen, students are eat in a group of year2-year 6 menbers equally distribute.They were required to wash off their dishes themselves.

爱心学校= caring school^^

after the canteen, we move to another block. The little DJ keep on take turn to present.

there were 3 special classes in this school ,for your information, there were only about 300 students.
See! he was so happy and welcomed our present

i kept on taking pic in this corner, i like it so much!!!Well, stil not satisfied with the outcome.

this one is a great pic, great angle, and great exposure too!


me and my adore~~

you can right click to enlarge the photo and watch the story, i purposely remain the size of this photo .

one of the corner in 绘本馆。

哈哈哈, overwhelm by their idea!

绘本is one of the activites that the student just study the pictures, and try to link / make a story from what they seen. This can stimulate their brain activities^^

This pic was totally candid,without pakat-pakat o!

okay, post end.stay tuned for the part 2 ^^