September 19, 2011

Hari Malaysia

What i did on Hari Malaysia 2011?

Yes, it is a very special day to mention here.

That day, i pak tuo aka had a date with my boyfriend, it was so lovely,that i hope all of you who read this will be jealous. First, a special picture shows here.

We took photos with the sugar gliders!!! Sugar glider is a animal like squirrel, they are basically mammals, nocturel.I asked the man or artist?? who is their owner, how much i need to pay to shoot with them.The artist has a really sweet tongue

" just pay as much as you think it worth, at least the amount that i can feed them",i intended to pay Rm 5 at first, but then i did not have Rm5 note, but Rm10 note, so i dragged another couple YKand Susan to shoot with the little cutey too! Susan was quite afraid with the sugar glidder,she kept coming to me, and i pull her to her sugar glider.