August 17, 2011

outside yummy food

yummy yummy shang choi~~

kampar delicacy___nga bao fan(瓦煲饭), lets clap for those delicacy which fill up many people's craving!!!!

Thats why, i should thank to both Qi Qian and Chia Ying for bring me there!!


thumb up!!!

i went to Kampar, Tronoh, Ipoh and Tapah last few day, these were the food that i ate,hahaha. I keep promoting healthy food but i can't maintain the healthy diet, haiz.......

This is the matter that i keep thinking, how to eat healthy when i eat outside??

and do i have enough time to cook if i am studying??

okay, pictures here^^

btw, campus life is FUN, i love campus life!!

soup of the day, chicken soup, so damn nice, got cheese fragrance, and chicken cube,yummy yummy~~ me and wei sheng, we eat till the last drop just without licking the dish only,hahaha.

that ordered by chee huat de

that me and ws share together, i was still not very hungry that time, so i share with him.

chris's fish chip!

big apple's dough nut, i know this is nothing speacial, just wanna post what i ate for those few days~~

further more, i ate at the vegetarian stall in jusco kinta city too. its kindda like经济饭, and the choice of the selection was quite a lot, about 20 sth like that,hahaha.I love the vegetarian taste but yet they are not healthy taste. so, to be strictly, vegetarian is not healthy to me too~~