July 11, 2011

tat i make

last time, nancy taught me and some of the other aunties to cook new recipe in organic shop. And now, i try to make it.^^

Cashew nuts(half cup)
Water(half cup)


liquid amino(not sure how much to put, i just simply put following my feeling. What i think is more l.a. more tasty,hahaha. But its wrong. i think 2 or 3 tablespoons is enough already)

salt (a pinch)

lecithin (1 or 2 teaspoons)

nutritional yeast (1 or 2 teaspoons)

these are to make the spread, and its really taste yummy!!!hahaha, except that i put too much of liquid amino already. and the spread smell VERY salty.next time gotta use less l.a. already.

1. After that , put all the ingredients into the blender and blend it.
2. cooked until it boil, since its cashew nut, so the liquid or spread will become more and more thicker. Nancy say the longer time you cooked, the longer time u can kept it.

this remind me of ratatouille, but i checked already, the ratatouille in the movie is not only make up of potato , it also make up of many colourful vegetables like eggplants( its purple cucumber actually, no idea why call eggplants.)

when you saw the pic above and below, sure u will loss a lot of interest toward my dish i know,hahaha. But its all i can do. Btw, not only i make this "rattatouille" , my mother helped me a lot too.
before i baked it.

after baked.
okay, i think tats all for today, i feel like wanted to browse facebook.......but i am going to busy now le, ok la. Waitng for the upcoming redang photo!!!YEA!!!!