July 14, 2011


this is my third time making healthy style sushi.

the first time is when i just want to try
the second time i made it for my boyfriend, and i brought to Pulau Redang, treat him and 2 of his friend only,hahaha. So sad that i forgot to take the sushi pic that time, cause the third time is the worst for me,......not very worst actually, but worst among the three- time - making.Haahahaha.

I used to bake my seaweed before rolling them, so that it will become more crunchy. and based on my observation, you will taste less seaweed taste when u baked them.

But this time
.They were all scorched already........for the first time .......they scorch~~~~55555, i have to throw them away,haiz........RIP, my burnt seaweed.

See! the burnt seaweed still got gradient de le. black, dark green, green.

the scorch one.

i didn't baked the seaweed anymore, i just directly use them to wrap the ingredients. and
this is it!!!

Hahahaha, tomorrow is Friday, i guess i will have things to do le. Friday fast fast come!!! i come waiting for which university i am going to enter. God bless me, i wish i can enter UPSI.

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