April 25, 2010

hospital incidence

just came back from hospital 15 minutes ago.

the service there was darn bad.


i was going there to take my report

waiting from
3.09pm-get the code
4.15pm- let the pegawai perubatan examine.

and you know what?????

when i entered the room,the pegawai perubatan ask me what was my problem

"erm....nak tahu keputusan report"

"o....awak pergi ambil kat kaunter pendaftaran situ"

(hey!!!!i was ur patient,ur customer le,u ask ur patient to take report??!!!wat kind of hospital was this)

here,there is also another story when i took my report at the counter......
the doctor ask me take my appointment card there as reference
when i take my card to the unfriendly officer there.....

she is totally displeasing,i felt like wanted to give her a beat
i explained to her already,just she can't understand my malay
it was originally i say"ambil keputusan hari ini"
but she took it as"ambil darah hari ini"
and then after she understood the whole incident,she said"lain kali cakap baik-baik ma~~tadi awak cakap ambil darah hari ini"

"tadi saya cakap saya ambil keputusan hari ini.."
(its not my fault ,ok,it ur fault,you din listen well,why blame on me???so suck~~)

ok,and then after i took the report

the pegawai perubatan examine

and then
he ask a doctor to examine me

after observing,she said that my blood was normal,my hormone has not problem

there maybe thyroid gland expand,so you may have to do operation

"so,there will be scar on my neck?"


"har~~~....would it bring any effect if i didn't do operation"

"it may be ok,but if ur neck continue growing bigger,than u should came back here and refer tu us.
(i said nothing,the doctor continue to say)
"if you want to do operation,then we will refer u to professional doctor first"

"erm....ok la,i would like to carry out operation"

the doctor wrote surat rujukan of me to doctor pakar.

while she was writing,i kept asking her

"apa ialah kelenjatan"

(doctor look like,haiz...this girl so troubling,kept asking the same question)

luckily,the pegawai perubatan still have a little bit conscience
he understood me
"apa itu kelenjatan dlm inggeris?"

"lymph node"....

"it suppose to be thyroid gland"

"oh~~~thyroid gland"
i keep saying
"so wat is the reason of my thyroid gland expand?"

"there may be foreigner inside"

"only this reason"


"only these 2 reason????"

(but i don't think so,according to the information from internet,there are still many other reason)

as you seen,the doctor also less professional than i expected(i mean her attitude,but not her knowledge)

haiz.....what can i say

it increase my stereotype that most of the stuff from government hospital are less professional,haizzz....U....U