August 22, 2009

to all 91gengz

wen qian,ie boon qian is going to KL tomorrow,for work and study.luckily,i got meet her before she is going KL. the sequence wasn like this.

1.went to library to return and borrow book
dispose something first before enter camp, seem like i has only 4 holi DAYS,coz too many activities le,and the left day gotta study to prepare for the coming examination. sin yue to go her home play around until 4.30
i made this plan when i was thinking in toilet,hehehe.intend nothing.just i never went to her house,but i have back earlier because i am not yet packing belonging.

3.sin yue's baby is sleeping,so cannot
not sin yue's baby,but her niece or nephew.i intend to go her house because her house was only a stone throw away from the public library. wen qian to go her house and play
wen qian is not at home when i was calling her.

5.wen qian not at home,she ask me to yc at ks
we chat about 20 minutes there.she is going to KL to study and working tomorrow.i felt like wat a coinsidence i could meet her before she is going to KL.may be this is so-called yuan gen,hahaha.because yesterday,she intend to go KL at september ,and suddenly change ady.this is the first time i intend to treat her.i would even treat her although she order a chicken chop or whatever she like.because i ask her to go out de and she is going leaving kemaman soon and i am rich recently.but her action was faster than me,than she treat me in counter....

ok,tats all for today,i need to pack belongings le..bye bye.

awaiting for tomorrow,coz can bum around.