June 8, 2009


last Saturday,went to here~ Sunway pyramid.At first,i don't mind which shopping centre to go,because wherever i go,i won't meet my friends who live in KL.But later,the morning of the day,my cousin was calling me,waiting us at Sunway pyramid.Thus,we decided to go there against all the obstacles(dun noe the way to there,meeting with relative,n...)
the pathway to shopping centre through an unknown hotel.and our destination is just the very Sunway pyramid Ice,there is nothing to shop here,quite expensive for us,thus just move direct toward the destination.

entrance fee for peak season- Rm 21
gloves - Rm 5
shock - Rm 5
Total - Rm 31

hehe,actually handphone and camera are banned from the place.but we just ignore it.
waiting time- the ice were being swept about 30minutes
me and the ugly gloves(wearing gloves and socks are compulsory)
the beam was actually to hiding my unstable stationary.
jian long was bold and talent,although he had falling for 13 times,he managed to skating and more cleaner~i mean the movement~ and i falled twice,having no confident to skate forward like other veterans.
soo hoay
i felt guitly coz i had made a child falling badly. Coz i am still new and i horizontal my hand suddenly in order to balance my body and the child skatings from my behind, due to ain't enough time to skip from me,he was falling. cuts on his knee as he was wearing pants as he fall wif head heading the ground. but i couldn't lifted him,coz if i lifted him,i will get falling too.LUckily,a geng of boys lending him many warms hand.
due to school holidays, many people were visiting the place.

it was a funny journey through the ice-skating.yesterday,we chat until 3am about this.personally,i felt great coz i can coped wif this activity and it was fresh to us.Hope to venture if there's an opportunity.