March 17, 2009


failed on the road,
1.the JPJ said,she could just stranted me immediately at the gate of the PSM,because the tyre of my car was passing through the white line.(she gave me one more chance)

2. overspeeded at the school,35km/h(,Compulsary,MUST 30km/h or below)Failed immediately.
discussion with my teacher,the reason of failing at the parking side

inside the PSM,stranted during the second section parking, forget which direction to turn,too panic,more than 5 minutes,fail.

overall,failed totally with the worst result,among the 43 people

therefore,have to spent more RM130 for
Rm 100 - taking the repeated exam
Rm 30 - renew my licence L
Rm130 can buy many things le~~

got to take the test again in future,after JUne,the fastest time if possible.

thus,Failed with the worst result.

幸运的是,人间有温情,我的parking failed 了过后,都有人鼓励我,这些人包括
1. 我的驾车老师: shuh hong boleh ar~shuh hong pandai ar~
2. my friend:u do probably in the raod.Then next week just need to do inside de.
3. 我不认识,看着我驾车的马来婆: tadi awak sudah buat betul tadi,tapi awak lupa tengok 7 tiang itu.
4. an unknown staff: nanti buat baik-baik ar~